About zazen

Let's sit in front of Kinect and do zen meditation in the landscape of a beautiful Japanese garden.
There is a polite tutorial so you can do zen meditation with the correct posture.

breath wave

Kinect projects your image onto the Japanese garden in the screen.
After adjusting your posture according to the tutorial, smooth your breathing.
Since Kinect will detect your breath wave, let's breathe slowly according to the narration

Play screen

Kinect detects your skeleton and checks posture during zen meditation.
When moving during zen meditation, please return to the correct posture according to the posture indicator displayed. If you can do zen meditation without moving, the gauge will accumulate. If you exceed a certain line during one game, the level will rise.
As the level goes up, the place to do the zen meditation is newly released.
Also, the time to do the zen meditation will become longer.



About syakyo

Syakyo is to copy Buddhist sutras.
With this content, let's take a hand as a brush and let us copy the kanji of Hannyashingyo (which is one of Buddhist sutras).


Kinect will show your room and your image on the screen.
As the model kanji is displayed in front of you, let's trample the model.
Kinect is watching your hand movement.
Grasp the hand when writing letters, and raise both hands when rewriting, you can operate with gestures.
You can also switch dominant hands.



About dokyo

Dokyo is the reading aloud of Buddhist sutras.
Let's experience the chanting sutra with voice.
Voice is from Professor Sekiguchi Nakamichi supervising this game.

Play screen

Please sit in Seiza style (fold your legs under yourself) and chant sutra with voice and subtitles.